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Hardware, Embedded Systems According to Apple, the netbook market is not a market they want to partake in, because they believe the current crop of netbooks is not good enough. Well, good enough or not, netbook sales are still growing like crazy, according to the latest figures from DisplaySearch.
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RE: Truth is...
by phoenix on Tue 1st Sep 2009 17:41 UTC in reply to "Truth is..."
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I am waiting to see what Apple will do, because I can't bring myself to buy a Netbook yet. There are umpteen different models out there, but they all have the same lame processor, lame graphics, limited hd options, cramped keyboard, and pathetic battery life.
Of course, we all are waiting for the ION platform, so who knows? It may change my mind too.

If only someone had the balls to pair a Via Nano CPU with an nVidia ION chipset, then we'd have a NetBook that could (possibly) replace a small laptop. Portability and power in one!

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