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Legal And the Apple vs. Psystar case continues to roll onwards. A lot of mud is going back and forth between the two companies: Apple has accused Psystar of making information public which was under a protective order, and obviously, Psystar denied. In addition, Groklaw's Pamela Jones continues to suspect that this Psystar case is related to the SCO case, and is part of a concentrated effort to destroy the GPL. Update: I've just been emailed (on behalf of Psystar's lawyers, actually) the outcome (in the form of a court order) of the hearing held this morning. Sadly, it's very late here, so I won't be able to analyse it properly until tomorrow.
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RE: Soap opera
by Thom_Holwerda on Fri 4th Sep 2009 23:14 UTC in reply to "Soap opera"
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You just have to read them... I have to write them ;) .

I understand your frustration, but I find this a very interesting case to follow, and so do many OSNews readers. You can always skip the items, of course.

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