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Graphics, User Interfaces Last week, Culf of Mac published an article showing off some of Snow Leopard's beautiful 512x512 icons, revealing some interesting tidbits about them you could only see when the icons are fully maximised. In this article, I compare some of Snow Leopard's icons to those of Windows 7, and you'll see while both operating systems have beautiful icons, there are some key differences between the styles of these icons. Note that this article contains some large images, so if you're on dial-up, you've been warned.
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RE[2]: From a bloat perspective
by deathshadow on Wed 9th Sep 2009 10:53 UTC in reply to "RE: From a bloat perspective"
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HDD space aside (OMG, you lose megabytes of space!), you're a bit wrong about the rendering of smaller icons on OS X.

**** HDD space. Hell, they're .PNG, they're going to be less than that. I'm talking RAM. You have to load it into ram, and then perform scaling upon it (CPU/GPU) - and for what? 4K or less pixels rendered?

Smaller icons aren't just resized 512x512 icons. Instead, OS X system icons comes in (as it should) multiple versions, depending on the scale of the icon. Smaller icons have less details and a clearer shape outline. Larger icons can afford to have detail.

It was my understanding that all the new ones are NOT stored in smaller formats like they used to, and instead they use hardware mipmapping to scale them down... Unless I completely misheard that - it was supposed to be a compromise instead of SVG, which would consume even MORE resources in terms of rendering. (and be slow as molasses). If they are still doing the multiple sizes (I thought they weren't) then no big deal, what exactly was all this talk of 512x512 about again?

P.S. I use OS X at home, and Windows XP at work. I dearly miss the simplicity of icons in System 9/Windows 9x. Here's to hoping either or both Apple and MS go back to the age of minimalist, functionalist icons.

I still consider Win98 the pinnacle of user interface design - there have been little if any 'improvements' in terms of usability/functionality since then - in many ways we've had steps backwards all in the name of goof assed eye candy bull that drags my Q6600 down to behaving like a 1ghz P3.

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