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Windows Microsoft has been very protective over its OEM pricing, and while various figures float around the web, the company has never really confirmed or denied any of them. At the Jefferies Annual Technology Conference, however, Charles Songhurst, general manager of Corporate Strategy, revealed some of the pricing details for OEMs.
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RE[5]: Microsoft Tax
by lemur2 on Thu 17th Sep 2009 00:38 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Microsoft Tax"
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Ned goes to Best Buy and sees 2 netbooks, one with the new Windows and one with an OS that looks like it is from 1998. And brown.

Ned decides that saving $50 is not worth picking the computer with the unfamiliar interface, especially since it looks dated. Ned decides that he won't go to Chili's later as a way of saving that $50.

Ned has already got Kubuntu, remember? He was the one who showed it to Harry HomeOwner.

Ned was just about to do as you say, and spend the extra $50 on the Windows 7 netbook, but luckily as he was just about to walk out the store he ran into his geeky friend Garry. Garry geek told him that watch out! that netbook you are about to buy doesn't include any actual applications, its just a shell. It will cost you as much again to get software for it, it isn't just a matter of $50 bucks at all. Garry said that in the little store down the road Ned could get the Cortex A9 with nice Kubuntu bling (not the horrible brown) for $50 bucks less but all software included!

Garry told Ned not to worry about the interface, it was all just clicking on menus and icons exactly like he was used to ... although Ned would have to get used to the new names for things, but what they did was actually listed right there on the menu so it wasn't hard.

Evil Eric, the store owner, wanted to kick geeky Garry out.

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