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Internet & Networking As you all undoubtedly know, the European Union and Microsoft are trying to work out some sort of a settlement regarding the Internet Explorer case. Microsoft made a very detailed proposal for a browser ballot screen earlier this year, and the EU was relatively satisfied. Now, various browser makers have told Reuters that they are not satisfied with Microsoft's proposal.
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Yeah! Damn right! And all those people who complain about having your house broken into - it's your fault! Get mugged in the street? It's your fault for not being a kick-ass action hero! And companies should totally be allowed manacled slave labour!

In short, those who break the law should get away with it - if you get harmed by it, it's your own fault.

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Russia has a higher percentage of Windows users than Europe and yet Opera has a majority share there.

But if you can't compete in other markets just call 1-800-MOMMYEU

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But if you can't compete in other markets just call 1-800-MOMMYEU

So Mozilla and Google are calling 1-800-MOMMYEU for pointing out the fact that Microsoft broke the law, and their proposal is not sufficient to restore what Microsoft broke?

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