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Apple The European Union has stated today that it is taking the "exploding" iPhone issues very, very seriously. EU consumer watchdog Meglena Kuneva has explained that if national authorities find out that manufacturing faults are the cause of the issue, the iPhone will face an EU-wide recall.
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Being a monopoly within a market is not an issues but using that position to apply pressure to the market is. I can be 95% of the nail market provided I continue to compete based on the production quality of my nails should another company choose to also sell nails. If I'm the only nail vendor, dictating a higher price for my nails in absense of competition is an issue. Lower my price beyond what new competition can afford for long enough to push them back out of the market then returning my prices to a premium profit margin is also a problem.

Natural monopolies such as mail delivery to remote regions where other companies choose not to provide that service is also not a problem. This depending on my not driving competition out or fleesing the remote inhabitants for all they are worth.

It's not the monopoly position that is the problem but how it is used within the market. This is why antitrust law allows for monopolies provided they behave in a way which does not harm competition, the market or the customers.

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