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Apple The European Union has stated today that it is taking the "exploding" iPhone issues very, very seriously. EU consumer watchdog Meglena Kuneva has explained that if national authorities find out that manufacturing faults are the cause of the issue, the iPhone will face an EU-wide recall.
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A potential recall involving the iPhone could be disasterous for Apple if this bleeds over to the iPod Touch. Both items share many internal components.

I'm curious to know if this is related to another story seen here at OSNews:

How interesting that you quote that article and yet you fail to quote the follow up article where the device was tested at an independent facility and found that it was an external force pushing rather than an explosive force. I suggest anyone who tries to attack me actually spend some time in the real world - where people treat their devices like rugby balls and then wonder why they fail. People who hit their devices because it isn't 'working right' then complain months later that their device fails.

If this was some other vendor besides Apple, I'd be saying the same thing regarding the issue. Far too many people are willing to blame someone else for the results of their decision to abuse their computer. Treat your device with respect and you'll get many years of reliability - abuse it and it'll be lucky to last a few months. Case in my point, my MacBook; the magsafe cable after a year hasn't frayed, my case hasn't discoloured or cracked, my computer hasn't over heated - why? because I treat it with the respect that an expensive device deserves.

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