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Morphos I barely finished and published my MorphOS 2.3 review for OSNews, and here we have the release of MorphOS 2.4. The biggest improvement, if you could call it that, is the one thing a lot of people have been waiting for: MorphOS 2.4 includes support for the entire range of PowerPC G4 Mac Mini computers from Apple.
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Regional Pricing
by wonea on Wed 14th Oct 2009 08:17 UTC
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Although I will be paying the price for MorphOS, I do think they should offer regional pricing. The Euro is not what it was against the pound, and I would prefer paying in my own currency. Aye, the British should stop being stubborn and enter the Euro zone. Anyway, how about some pricing for each market? Dollars, Pounds, and Euros. That would help things immensely.

Also the guy think people will just run OS X, I've already got access to three OS X machines. I don't need another! MorphOS is much more interesting.......

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RE: Regional Pricing
by ameasures on Wed 14th Oct 2009 10:26 in reply to "Regional Pricing"
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Aye, the British should stop being stubborn and enter the Euro zone.

And, pray tell, how should the Brits prepare? Like Latvia perhaps? 'Tis not such a trivial question especially with Germany headed in one direction and Italy, Spain and Ireland headed in quite another.

Anyway, how about some pricing for each market?

Given the current pace of FOREX fluctuations; setting prices in several currencies is a PITA especially for folk whom we want concentrating on software development.

[rant mode on]
Having paid for American software at double the prices that Americans pay over a period of twenty years; my plea is for transparent pricing that reflects dignity on all sides. Yes, there is VAT (Value Added Tax) but it's just not THAT high. I am not ranting at MorphOs but more at the widespread status quo of decades past and present.
[rant mode off]

FWIW - by all means drop the price for the "two thirds" world and so on, just be up front about it.

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