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Hardware, Embedded Systems As if selling non-Apple labelled computers with Mac OS X pre-installed and licensing the technology to do so to third parties wasn't enough, Psystar has now moved ahead and has started offering its Rebel EFI package for everyone to buy and use. It makes it possible for just about anyone to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple labelled computer.
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RE: Open/Free Source
by phoenix on Mon 26th Oct 2009 01:42 UTC in reply to "Open/Free Source"
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Psystar is selling a "product" that is available for free on various "hackintosh" communities.

If they are using free software to build their product and sell it (and there is a big chance that's true), it's really a shame.

Why is it a shame to sell an open-source product? Just because the source is open doesn't mean the product has to be free. Or are you going to turn around and rail against Juniper Network for selling FreeBSD inside their routers? Or against CrossOver for selling WINE? Or even against Microsoft for selling OpenBSD (SFU is based on OpenBSD)?

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