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Qt The Haiku alpha is barely out the door, and we already have another important news item about the open source reimplementation of the BeOS. About 18 months ago, Evgeny Abdraimov started porting the Qt4 graphical toolkit to Haiku, and now, we ave some seriously epic screenshots showing a multitude of Qt4 applications running in Haiku, as well as a developer preview release.
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RE: Bad news
by twitterfire on Tue 27th Oct 2009 16:23 UTC in reply to "Bad news"
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And soon we're back in the Linux rat's nest of stacking up software.

Well, what if we port gtk+, gnome, xfce, kde, lxde, xserver, mono, etcaetera to Haiku? Of course, we will one team who develops kernel, one team who develops feture x, one who develops y and one z. We will need some folks to make some distros, with slightly different kernel versions and patches, different desktops, different package managers and off we go. ;)

But why bother, when we have linux to torture it like that?

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