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Linux Now this is one to ponder. This year, the Nobel Peace Prize went to Barack Obama, president of the United States. The prize has been given to both politicians and non-politicians alike, and Keith Lofstrom thinks its time to hand over the Peace Prize to a non-politician once more: Linus Torvalds.
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Why not
by Googol on Fri 20th Nov 2009 21:15 UTC
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After the prize got finally totally devaluated and became totally meaningless, it is only just and right if each and every one of us can have it at random.

Other people got it for a lifetime achievement -- Obama got it after six months, i.e for nothing at all whatsoever, and the noble committee said so themselves, so don't you dare calling me a troll.

Now, the thing is this: First you get into office, where you do all the shit you have to do as you get into office anew - that will take a few months. So Obama hasn't done anything AT ALL, and even less so in a manner that would deserve the noble price.

In parallel, the assignment of the price takes consideration. It is not like they sat together, figured Obama did a great job during, if only during the past few months and then chose him. No, they had to set this out kinda when he got into office so they could agree on him 6 months later.

The decisions of the noble committee have been questionable for a long time, and now it is clear they need medical aid (actually this has been clear for 1-2 decades, but courtesy demands one does not say so without pressing need in public, so that they may retire with dignity).

So yeah, if Linus can have it, go for it. I'd sure take it - after all, it is a known fact that I did more for world peace then Linus and Obama did together.

What BS - "time to hand it to a non-politician" Dude, the price has never been for politicians only, check the record. They say, that in a saner world, Chomsky would have gotten it decades ago - whoever is this Linus-dude in terms of peace achievements?! He has abso-f--king-lutely, zero, zilch, nada to do with politics or peace for that matter. And Linux is not a peace-factor at ALLLL.

Rather make Linus Miss Universe, that would be more befitting still. Have everybody lost their minds?

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RE: Why not
by tomcat on Fri 20th Nov 2009 21:19 in reply to "Why not"
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This comment is somewhat off-topic, but I believe that the real reason that Obama received the Peace Prize is that the committee wants to steer American foreign policy. He didn't receive it for anything that he's done because, let's face it, he hasn't really achieved anything of significance in foreign policy. Certainly, other people did more in the past year to bring about peace. Hell, I'd vote for Bono, for all of the work that he does in raising money on behalf of Third World countries, the poor, etc. That's at least tangible and measurable.

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RE[2]: Why not
by Thom_Holwerda on Fri 20th Nov 2009 21:35 in reply to "RE: Why not"
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The reason I find the prize for Obama specifically ridiculous is that he is someone who actually has the means to make a difference - and specifically THIS man gets the prize as an encouragement? It makes no sense to me.

Presidents of the US should be evaluated for the peace prize AFTER their term(s) is/are over. For all we know, Obama starts a crippling war somewhere down the line, and who'll look silly then?

In the end, Obama hasn't achieved a darn thing yet that earns him that prize. I mean, go him, but let's wait until we can actually evaluate what he has done with all this power he has now.

Disclaimer: this is not a political statement in any way. I'm not from the US, so I have no particular affiliation. Although, I do think Palin is totally hot.

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RE[2]: Why not
by Googol on Fri 20th Nov 2009 21:41 in reply to "RE: Why not"
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How can it possibly be off topic, where I specifically say I am all for Linus getting it - which is the topic, including qualified explanation? ;)

Oh, and your comment repeats mine, in essence...

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RE: Why not
by amadensor on Mon 23rd Nov 2009 19:45 in reply to "Why not"
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Actually, Obama had not been in office 6 months when he was selected, only when it was awarded. When he was selected as the winner it had been 11 days.

I think they awarded in the hope that he would do something worthy of the prize, but he had not yet, and has not yet. He still may, but that remains to be seen. It is, unfortunately, a very politically driven prize, and has little actual basis in really helping people any more.

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