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Opera Software The Opera team has released version 10.10 of their feature-rich browser. This is the first Opera release to come with Opera Unite, which combines the web browser with a web server, so that users can share data directly between one another, without the need for a third party.
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RE[3]: wow...
by smyru on Tue 24th Nov 2009 20:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: wow..."
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Servers are not super computers that control our lives.

It all boils down to who's in charge of the server. And your data stored there. This ad is not targeted at power technical users.

The premise of the campaign is moronic. It uses politically charged terminology to describe problems that don't exist, trying to paint their product as something that people actually need or care about.

This kind of problems do exist. Let me just remind you initial Chrome EULA.

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