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Legal We've got some progress in the other legal case Apple is involved in. The California case, Apple vs. Psystar, is more or less a done deal, but the Florida case, Psystar vs. Apple, is only just beginning. As it promised it would do, Apple has now asked the court in California to either dismiss the Florida case, or transfer it to California. Apple is also asking for a permanent injuction against Psystar. Through this motion, we also gain some juicy insight into Psystar's sales projections - and more interestingly, how many machines the clone maker actually sold.
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"You ruined it by editorializing what might have been your first actual news piece.

"You ruined it by not taking Apple's side in what might have been your first actual news piece I agreed with."

Fixed it for you.

Really thom, this is how you want to behave.

You did editorialize and parents response about apple's motivation was spot on. And you somehow made that into him being an apple fanatic.

If you cant keep a level head when replying then maybe you should refrain from it altogether.

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