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Apple "Apple has added new build-to-order options for some of its Mac Pro and Xserve models. Specifically, a 3.33GHz 3500-series Xeon processor is now an option for the lower-end quad-core Mac Pro. Also, Apple now offers a 2TB drive option for both Mac Pros and Xserves."
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RE[5]: No graphics?
by elmimmo on Sat 5th Dec 2009 12:56 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: No graphics?"
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Sure OpenCL is nice addition to the OpenGL programmers toolkit. But if you are graphics API agnostic, you can also use DirectX Compute, CUDA or Stream.

You did not understand what I meant. You mentioned that a Mac is not the best suited computer for a very specific area, 3D (which I agree with, at least regarding what its options are; you have Maya on OS X, though, it is simply not too a friendly app for motion graphics design).

What I meant is that, still, there are other areas where the Mac dominates (whether you agree on the reasons or not) and should OpenCL deliver on its promises, graphics-cards are going to be of interest to a much wider spectrum than what they are now. And hence, it is a pity that the situation is still where cards for PC do not work on Macs (which would render the point of choosing one or another simply on the software one wants to use, not on the power one needs).

i.e. I was not talking about being able to program in OpenCL at all, but being able to enjoy programs that make use of it.

So, I was agreeing with you, in a way, but was also just elaborating a bit more on it than just stating "Macs suck at that".

PS: And BTW, you just do NOT want to program in CUDA or Stream instead of OpenCL specially if you are API agnostic and with NVIDIA and AMD supporting the latter.

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RE[6]: No graphics?
by moondevil on Sat 5th Dec 2009 18:00 in reply to "RE[5]: No graphics?"
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Ah ok, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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