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Hardware, Embedded Systems On a number of occasions, Apple has stated that it cannot design a laptop at around 400-500 USD that isn't total crap. This seems like a reasonable point to make - but why, then, is Dell - of all companies - seemingly able to do so? Dell just launched the Dell Vostro V13 (official press release), and it looks pretty good.
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RE: Uh...
by earlycj5 on Fri 11th Dec 2009 03:04 UTC in reply to "Uh..."
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Perhaps I'm an oddity but I do use projectors for presentations frequently with my Netbook.

Those have VGA connectors on them.

I've not seen anything else on a projector that I've used thus far. Guessing businesses and Universities aren't going to rush out and get projectors with HDMI or whatever connector you want on your laptop as long as the projectors still work fine.

So yeah, VGA, because it works for the target audience.

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