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Windows Microsoft is planning to make RFID applications and tag-readers compatible with Windows. According to Scott Woodgate, group product manager of business processes for Microsoft, the company is trying to integrate RFID programs with the operating system and make the majority of devices work with plug-and-play functionality.
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made a funny typo there... I meant "when some piece..." instead of "when some people...". Since I created an account on OSNews, I'm asuming I can edit my post... But I can't find the edit link. Where is it hidden?

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Actually, you really can't do that. During the beta testing time, it was tried and ruled not very wise/usable and removed for a variety of other reasons. I was sorta hoping for it myself, but I saw the reasoning as just at the time.

This sounds like something that should have been in Windows for a long time, at least according to what the article makes it sound like. I don't know much about the RFID technologies, though, so I can't be sure. At any rate, it sounds like a productive thing to add into Windows.

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