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Hardware, Embedded Systems In a very unsurprising move, Psystar is closing up shop. It will fire its eight employees, and be done with it. There isn't more to say, really, except this: one down, at least four to go, of which three in Europe. Good luck bullying those three, Apple. Update: Psystar's lawyers have stated that the original story wasn't true. Psystar will continue to litigate the legality of Rebel EFI through the motion process described by Judge Alsup. They will also continue the Florida case.
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RE: Goodbye
by kaiwai on Sat 19th Dec 2009 09:07 UTC in reply to "Goodbye"
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and good riddens. Now we can stop concentrating on these morons at Psystar and see how this is actually going to effect Quo and any other US clone makers out there. It should be interesting to see what comes next, I doubt the saga is anywhere near finished yet.

The worse part, nothing ever stopped them from creating an EFI firmware and a custom motherboard that was compatible with Mac but providing Windows and Linux pre-installed - thus leaving the Mac side up to the individual to purchase it. Why didn't they do that? because it would actually require them to hire some proper developers, create a compatible EFI firmware, talk to a motherboard vendor and get them to create a batch with the custom firmware developed for it - basically they could do that but they found it easier to rip off open source projects and either creating a frankenstein installer or a bastardised re-branded version of Boot-132 with no attempt at giving back contributions to the original projects.

Maybe instead the effort should be fixing up Linux and creating a Mac like model based around a well integrated hardware/software combination using Linux or some other open source operating system instead - you know, so people are provided with a real alternative to Mac OS X or Windows instead of it entrenching the duopoly even further.

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