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Microsoft BetaNews writes: "Microsoft executives and product managers -- Chairman Bill Gates, above all of them -- showed great technology vision for the new millennium. The company was right about so many trends to come but, sadly, executed poorly in bringing too many of them to market. Microsoft's stiffness, perhaps a sign of its aging leadership, consistently proved its foible. Then there is arcane organizational structure, which has swelled with needless middle managers, and the system of group competition".
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Add Windows Mobile to the List
by RGCook on Thu 31st Dec 2009 20:49 UTC
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I can't help but append Joe's list with Windows Mobile. I've had an iTouch for two years and my wife has the iPhone but my work really pushed me to get an htc Pure. I figured it must be good because it is showcased over at MS's Windows Mobile home page.

Suffice it to say, I can't believe how hideous this device is compared to the iPhone, in almost every regard. It's as if MS tried to force the Windows operating system itself on this device's tiny screen. The UI, the convolution of setting and apps, the haphazard arrangement and disorganization, the inconsistencies in various screen's. It astounds me how bad it is.

Apple has shown true innovation. MS is still riding on the back of the monopoly created in the decades prior to the last, so I think the article, while true is beside the point. They are trying to turn the Titanic, Windows 7 is slight evidence of that, but I'm pulling for an Apple upset. I've just had it with MS and their ill conceived stuff.

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The iPhone/iPod Touch really is well thought out. I can't stand non-standard size keyboards, but for some reason I can do well with my wife's iPhone. I got it for her thinking I would never really use the capabilities in the iPhone, now I am starting to reconsider. That thing does everything. We can even use it to log and search for geo-caches while on the road. Love it.

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