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Databases A petition launched in December by MySQL creator Michael 'Monty' Widenius to 'save' the open-source database from Oracle has quickly gained momentum, collecting nearly 17,000 signatures. Widenius on Monday submitted an initial batch of 14,174 signatures to the European Commission, which is conducting an antitrust review of Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, MySQL's current owner. The petition calls for authorities to block the merger unless Oracle agrees to one of three "solutions", including spinning off MySQL to a third party and releasing all past versions and subsequent editions for the next three years under the Apache 2.0 open-source license.
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by Phobos on Wed 6th Jan 2010 01:07 UTC
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Momentum... really?

Out of the millions of user of MySQL he just got 15000 to support him... how is that momentum?

OTOH, paying customers say the see no problem with the deal... even the competitors agree there is no issue for them (ask IBM).

The GPL version allows forking. So MySQL does not need to be saved from anyone, even in the worst case scenario. The commercial version will be safe under Oracle and clients and competition approve it.

Why is Mr Wideanus still talking?

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