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Multimedia, AV My favourite media centre software, Boxee, has just launched the highly-anticipated new beta version of its XBMC-based media centre, complete with a redesigned user interface. On top of that, Boxee launched its very first piece of hardware during CES, the Boxee Box, together with D-Link. It's an impressive little device.
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I recently built a mini-itx media PC for Boxee use, which is fanless, low-power and operated solely by remote control. It also has all the connectors at the back ;)

I'm very pleased with it so I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you have the time & skillz required, since that way you get exactly what you want/need, plus it's just a computer at the end of the day so if you want to hack it or repurpose it as a desktop PC or whatever then that option is always open to you.

The price depends on what specs you get of course, but you could probably put something together for little more than Ā£100.

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I'd love to but just bought a house so budget is limited and I really need to upgrade my home server first (hence my using a freebie laptop that had a broken LCD screen as the media centre).

My previous media centre - though not fanless - wasn't too loud as I took the HDDs out and powered it by a compact flash microdrive. Unfortunately it wasn't powerful enough to run true HD content either

In an ideal world I'd build a water cooled system hehehe

I'm interested to know what your spec was and how much it cost though

As for the Boxee box, I reckon you could hack that quite easily. It's already running Linux and as Boxee already has repository for Ubuntu - I wouldn't be surprised if the Boxee Box is also a debian derivative.

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Can you share some details about spec's??

At one time I looked at the kind of system recommended in some media centersĀ“ forums and it looked like they require insane processing power for something any crappy player could handle without the noise or the heat caused by such a PC ;) ...


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