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Multimedia, AV My favourite media centre software, Boxee, has just launched the highly-anticipated new beta version of its XBMC-based media centre, complete with a redesigned user interface. On top of that, Boxee launched its very first piece of hardware during CES, the Boxee Box, together with D-Link. It's an impressive little device.
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I'd love to but just bought a house so budget is limited and I really need to upgrade my home server first (hence my using a freebie laptop that had a broken LCD screen as the media centre).

My previous media centre - though not fanless - wasn't too loud as I took the HDDs out and powered it by a compact flash microdrive. Unfortunately it wasn't powerful enough to run true HD content either

In an ideal world I'd build a water cooled system hehehe

I'm interested to know what your spec was and how much it cost though

As for the Boxee box, I reckon you could hack that quite easily. It's already running Linux and as Boxee already has repository for Ubuntu - I wouldn't be surprised if the Boxee Box is also a debian derivative.

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