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Microsoft Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard today announced a three-year $250 million partnership to simplify IT environments through a wide range of converged hardware, software, and professional services solutions. This is a broad agreement with many components, building on the 25-year Microsoft-HP partnership, which works toward new models for application delivery, hardware architecture, and IT operations. The goal is to deliver the "next generation computing platform" by leading the adoption of cloud computing.
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Cloud computing is just an evolution
by dragos.pop on Thu 14th Jan 2010 11:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Wasted Money"
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Cloud computing will not die so fast because is nothing totaly new. It is an evolution of computer clustures to what companies need.

For years we have email, web, file... servers each running on it's own server for security reasons. Each of this servers with at least another backup server, but all with a single user.

This means that a user with it's id and password, can connect to all of the company's services on diferent servers.

Now virtualisation appears: one array of server computers can host any number of virtual servers that can move from server to server so that some computers ca be shut down for power economy or mentenance.

So now a service is not connected to a phisical server and multiple servicies can run on the same hardware without the disadvantages of 5 yers ago.

More: Creation and stopping of virtual and phisical servers ca be automated based on load.

This is just a cluster with more than one service with high decoupling between hardware and software.
Outsourcing your servers: the new thing here is that you can run the service that you developed on a machine that Amazon or Microsoft has.
Also new - diffrent providers can be connected: what you write on twitter can apear on facebook together with the photos from flicker. This is not interesting for companies for now.

This is why investing in cloud computing is not waste money because it is the same as investing in mainframes 25 years ago: mainframes are dead but there legacy are todays clusters - they are not some big unix computers but many small linux/windows/unix computers.

The only question: will Microsoft be the client's choice? Linux seems batter because it can be private and can cooperate with Amazon and other standard solutions. So nothing new: closed Microsoft solutions or opened ones. Don't jump to conclusions, Microsoft has a good share in servers and can keep it.
Cloud computing is, after all, server business, only more flexibile.

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