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KDE I've been investigating switching my desktop distribution from Kubuntu to something more... Seriously maintained. I love debian, and consider it one of the best distros out there, but Ubuntu's KDE variant is downright pathetic.
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RE[2]: solid KD4 distro?
by boldingd on Tue 19th Jan 2010 16:22 UTC in reply to "RE: solid KD4 distro?"
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Have you? It's been around 5 years I don't use Slackware anymore, due to its package system. As Tess said, when you start to use apt-get, you simply can't quit to use anything else.

You mean, lack of a package system. ;)

Having said that, I don't really find the lack of a package system to be that large of a detriment, because the base system you get with Slackware is usually pretty complete and extremely well-configured. A complete install usually comes with anything I'd use apt-get to install. Granted, a Slackware install will take up a decent amount of space for it, at least in comparison to other Linux distributions... but it'll still be fairly light, in the grand scheme of things. An 8 GB Slackware install (that number being pulled out of thin air) will probably be size-competitive with Vista or Win7 (for all I know), and I think most people with modern drives can spare the OS 8 GB.

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