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Games Remember that little legal spat going on between Apple and Psystar? That one's been more or less wrapped up, with Apple being the sole victor there. The dust from that case has barely had time to settle, and already we see another company quoting it to support its own restrictive, anti-consumer practices. The company in question? Ha, it's Microsoft.
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Popped over to groklaw to check out the latest post

Guess why Microsoft suddenly decided it wanted to be more interoperable? It's so it can get customers to quit using Linux and switch to Windows & .NET

So she is talking about the interoperability initiative that they started last year, and is using a leaked email from 1999 to back it up? Actually reading the memo, they were saying that the only way intel would give windows another shot is if the windows dev environment integrated with their existing scripts and tools around building EDA apps. This has NOTHING to do with the interop initiative that MS is talking about now.

So at best, she is misinformed. At worst, spreading FUD. Moving on....

1999. Think about what that means in the SCO v. IBM context, where SCO alleges that it wasn't until IBM got involved in Linux -- years after 1999 -- that Linux suddenly worked well in the enterprise. Seems they are, at best, mistaken.

I am not even disputing her point just the way she is arriving at it. EDA apps (for designing PCBs) is at best a niche industry. You can't say just because a niche industry used linux in 99 means that it was ready for the enterprise.

By the way, are two monopolies allowed to work together to figure out how to gang up on one of the monopoly's competitors? Just asking.

She COMPLETELY pulled this one out of her butt. The only thing in that email that even comes close to saying that is intel saying the only way they would consider switching to windows for EDA apps is if the rest of the EDA industry switched. It is a pretty gigantic leap to say that is intel and MS ganging up on anyone.

This is the sort of thing I am talking about. She is highly biased and will do anything to present things in a way that fits her view of the world.

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Errare humanum est. IMHO, the real problem is the black-and-white thinking where, for example, the specialists in some field are categorized into only two camps: the 100% good trustworthy ones or the totally bad - not some errors here and there in someone's argumentation.

When you write lots and lots of text about complicated matters, it is only natural that some parts of it could be questioned by someone, more or less. That is often the case even with scientific studies. Hopefully the authors notice and correct their errors later, or others will do it for them. If you disagree with someone, you might talk/write to him/her directly and discuss the matter, and you both might learn something in the process.

We should not blindly trust any author and their claims, although some authors can be more trustworthy than some others. But even then, also those more trustworthy authorities may sometimes draw wrong conclusions etc. But that doesn't mean that they couldn't still be relatively competent in what they do. Like I said, it is only human, and nobody's perfect.

In the case of Groklaw, the site can be quite informative, especially as there are not many other sites of its kind, if you just remember to be critical and compare the information to other sources. The same is true with any other source of information.

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