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Google Finally! Google has released version 4.0 of Chrome for Windows, bringing the much-anticipated extensions framework out of beta and into the stable channel. Currently, more than 1500 extensions are already available. Version 4.0 carries more features than just extensions, though.
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RE[2]: Bookmarks the new lock-in?
by phoenix on Tue 26th Jan 2010 05:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Bookmarks the new lock-in?"
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Chrome isn't available on all OSes (for example, there's no FreeBSD release). Not all browsers work the same on all OSes (Safari on Windows vs Safari on MacOS X, Firefox on anything vs Firefox on Windows, etc). Not all browsers are available in portable versions that can run off a USB stick.

Hence, having a cross-browser bookmark sync is very handy.

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This doesn't exactly count as a release, but you might be interested anyway:

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Yeah, I know about that. I've been following the progress on

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