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Amiga & AROS It seems like only yesterday, but in fact it's already six months ago. July last year, we published our review of AmigaOS 4.1 running on ACube's sam440ep motherboard, and here we are, six months later, and Hyperion has released AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1. This free update brings with it quite a number of new features, and since I still have the sam440ep on my desk, I could test the new features first-hand.
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RE[5]: Needs a niche....
by TheDAX on Wed 27th Jan 2010 09:13 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Needs a niche...."
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You are missing the point on all levels.
AmigaOS is a fun operative system that is now back on the evolution path, AmigaOne X1000 is modern albeit different HW that takes the concept of Heterogeneous computing at heart by offering a way of exponentially expand both Flops (via GPU) and Mips (via Xmos miniclusters) at the user demand (which makes it VERY Amiga, and by the way a big paper from Commodore's engineers about New Amiga developments after AAA, was revealed showing the X1000 was designed following those directives to the letter).
But the the biggest mistake is your vision of the market.

Hyperion is doing this for a niche they already know and cater for, so all that description of "how the world is today" is pointless.
And by the way, Joe Poor Average was not the first to buy an HD-TV, he was not the first to buy a PS3 (etc. etc. etc. etc.) he is the last, if ever.
But you should also understand that not everybody is poor, 1000 might sound a lot for many but they are peanuts for a number of people (in the geek world) that exceeds many thousands of times the numbers Hyperion is aiming at.
Those kind of customers will buy a machine for 1000 different reasons but "bang for the buck", as when they spend what they have in mind is "FUN" not "convenience".
They might want a system that is as custom and exotic as it gets.
They might want to be part of the re-birth of a glorious platform and be there first hand as it happens. They might want a peculiar computer only you and a few others have as they don't enjoy being part of the Borg (Dell/HP/Apple) or the People Republic of Netbooks and Free Open Source OSs.
There is people who get a kick spending 50.000 on a car, and those that get even more out of their 1000 purchase.

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