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Internet & Networking Despite the recent interest in adopting HTML5's video tag, there is still one major problem: there is no mandated standard video codec for the video tag. The two main contestants are the proprietary and patended h264, and the open and free Theora. In a comment on an article about this problematic situation, LWN reader Trelane posted an email exchange he had with MPEG-LA, which should further cement Theora as the obvious choice.
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thx w3c
by smashIt on Sun 31st Jan 2010 15:19 UTC
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and again the w3c shows how incompetent they are
they repeatadly put out "standards" that are not precise enough and they already burned their fingers on gif
what are they doing now? puting out an unprecise standart to favour a patent-problem

now would be the time for the w3c to stand up and tell the world that for a free web only a free codec must be chosen

if the mpeg-la agreed that h264 will be free to implement and use for web-services it would be ok, but i doubt that it will come to that...

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RE: thx w3c
by darkstego on Sun 31st Jan 2010 15:49 in reply to "thx w3c"
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The committees are made up of companies whose best interest doesn't always match up with ours. They want to make money. Promoting an open and free web is really not big on their agenda. Sad but true.

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RE[2]: thx w3c
by darknexus on Sun 31st Jan 2010 16:02 in reply to "RE: thx w3c"
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But minimizing their own costs in the long run is most definitely in their best interest. It seems that promoting H.264 may save them some money in the short term, but in the long term is going to end up costing them a lot more.

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RE[2]: thx w3c
by smashIt on Sun 31st Jan 2010 16:03 in reply to "RE: thx w3c"
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TPromoting an open and free web is really not big on their agenda

but thats the whole purpose of the w3c
the last time they didn't do their job we ended up with a complete mess with ie6 as a result of it (not the cause)

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RE[2]: thx w3c
by crislevin on Tue 2nd Feb 2010 20:23 in reply to "RE: thx w3c"
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chair is from google
vice chair is from apple

yeah right.

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