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Hardware, Embedded Systems OSNews recently linked to several articles on the two remaining big iron RISC based platforms still alive and kicking, something of great interest to myself both in a professional capacity and for personal reasons (I wouldn't be an avid OSNews reader and poster if I wasn't into non mainstream architectures).
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Manufacturing is everything
by bnolsen on Thu 18th Feb 2010 23:54 UTC
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Capital investment required for the current silicon wafer technology is huge. There haven't been any huge changes in the area for a while, so basically there are fewer players who can survive the competition.

I really can't wait until somebody discovers a new way to make processors that can be done in someone's basement or garage. That would really change the whole market dynamic.

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You can get a friggin dual-core Wolfdale for 50 bucks.

What the hell do you want? A free cpu with every BK value meal?

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So apparently computers and computing have gotten as far as they ever will and we may as well give into our intel overlords?

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