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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While it's been a low-level grumbling for years, the issue of Flash on mobile devices (and particularly the iPhone/Touch/iPad ecosystem) has reached fever pitch over the past few weeks, with Steve Jobs as self-appointed Flash basher-in-Chief. The OSNews crowd, that is, dyed-in-the-wool technologists have, by and large, not been big fans of Flash, with its spotty availability and performance on alternative platforms, resource hogging, and instability. And though it's quite useful for web video and other specialized interfaces, it drives the tech savvy crazy when it's used for utterly superfluous multimedia bling. So we've had a lively discussion of the pros and cons of Flash, and whether device users should be free to make their own decision about whether it's worthy to install on their iPads. But we're leaving out an important detail. As Daniel Eran Dilger, a Flash developer, points out, almost all the important existing Flash infrastructure won't work anyway. Update: A worthwhile rebuttal to this point of view.
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well it is fun to be out of context. Multitask on a laptop/desktop is a whole different world then trying to run linux apps on device that is not on the market yet.

It is not that I think you can't multitask. I prefer the getting things done effect of staying focused and finishing products. Multitask is such a buzz word of course the thing will multi task, but if you have a Video running in full screen I do not see the need or the interface or even the pixel space to run a spreadsheet. Multitask in this sense is an artifact(sic) of desktop thinking. It is the idea that i will be copying from one app to another or needing to do two and three layer inter application communication and multiple document editing. MOREOVER that artifact of though also implies a filesystem. And then a filesystem browser what level of this is exposed to the client apps? What level of (lower level) services will be exposed to these apps and what if an (backgrounded) app crashes while you are on an interface that has no mouse

The unit is a gadget or a appliance or a toy, I spent 2 hours (daily total)
on a train, and I do not think that I will buy one or use it. It would be silly for me to get it to take notes or write code. I would feel like a tool with all that power just idling while I dork out in vim, OTOH would I give it to my mother to stream movies and do light email? Do I expect that when I get one it will be not about what it can't do like flash and mouse dependent interfaces or will it be for what it CAN do. Or what it is designed to do.

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