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Gnome Ah, Nautilus, GNOME's default file manager. It's been with us for a long time now, and it has certainly been at the centre of a number of controversies. Do we go with a spatial or a navigational Nautilus? Should we replace the location bar with a breadcrumb bar? And now, it's time to move on. Recently, it has become apparent to many that Nautilus could use a make-over.
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by raid996 on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 14:07 UTC
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I believe that copying from MacOSX won't be any good, the idea that is behind gnome to constantly improve what you have is fine for me.
I threw my 2-cent-worth idea on 2 gifs.
The areas in the first mockup could replace back, forward and up.

In both mockups you could ad the refresh, list type and option icons after the breadcrumb area. I thought of putting this in the bottom because I actually use more the back, forward and up buttons to navigate than the path buttons.
Besides, having tree and resources view available would drastically reduce the need of such area on top.

The two mockups:

PS: Mind me I am absolutely not a mac expert, I've own a mac for 3 years and I actually used it something like 10 times... that was the period I actually used only my old IBM T20 with dapper to do just about everything. So i'm not sure whether or not this resembles any mac osx behaviour

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by MadRat on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 17:04 in reply to "IMHO"
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Looks good overall. Clean. One complaint, the dreary colors. Otherwise it reminds me of KDE's start menu behavior. It would be nice if one could move the two views on the left to their own column. Drag and drop it in a customizable configuration.

Not familiar with the buttons on the bottom. What are they for specifically? Edit: Is that the bread crumb view?? I like it separated from the address bar. Much nicer than replacing the addressbar!

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by raid996 on Fri 5th Mar 2010 09:10 in reply to "RE: IMHO"
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What do you mean by "separated form the address bar?" isn't it like I did it... my choice comes from the fact that myself as 90% of the people I know dont use the breadcrumb...
I believe that repositioning the bars should be included farly easy so that could be easily customizable....


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