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Gentoo I've been wanting to try Gentoo for some time, but always had to roll my eyes at the pages and pages of installation instructions. This time, however, I rolled up my sleeves and buckled down. Minutes later, I was on my way.
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RE[3]: It will never cease to amaze me
by on Fri 7th Oct 2005 18:18 UTC in reply to "It will never cease to amaze me"

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ahhh but the elitists must attack back!!! How kindergarten! I do not think that the author was intending to attack Gentoo.

The killer of gentoo for me is automating updates over night. The thought of having everything compile on the fly for an automated update schedule makes me cringe.

I support Slack as well, a well built quality distro that pushes Security, Stability and Speed. Gentoo is fun to play with, I would not be able to justify it in a corporate desktop environment.

We use Slackware in the corporate desktop environment.

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