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Apple Today, Apple held a special press event at its campus in Cupertino during which it revealed and demonstrated the new features that are going into the fourth version of the iPhone operating system. The company focussed on 7 'tentpole' features, the most prominent of which is... Multitasking.
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HowTo: Killing Adobe Flash
by Ars Vivendi on Thu 8th Apr 2010 18:49 UTC
Ars Vivendi
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0. Don't support Flash on your mobile platform
1. Introduce an ad-framework that requires ads to be in HTML5
2. Make it the dominant ad platform on the dominant mobile platform
3. Wait for advertisers to get tired of paying for development of Flash- AND HTML5-ads when HTML5-ads work fine in any enviroment that supports Flash
4. Profit

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

Make it the dominant ad platform on the dominant mobile platform

Boom, roadblock. Mobile internet is still minute compared to the real deal. Very small market. For now, at least.

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pgeorgi Member since:

It's the one market with people willing to and capable of spending money, and the one market where ad-blockers won't come to the user's rescue.

That might be good enough for it to become a small, but "reasonably" priced market to advertise on.

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JonathanBThompson Member since:

If you kept up with live blogging on one of the other sites and you were paying attention, iAd addresses the reality that for the mobile realm, it's in-app ads that have the command, and search is pretty much nothing for the total amount of time users are potentially exposed: search just isn't where it's at for mobile devices and advertising revenue! 100 million devices with an average of 30 minutes of app use a day, with an ad every 3 minutes== 1 billion ads served on iPhoneOS devices, EACH DAY. That's nothing to sneeze at, and, chances are, most people on a mobile device aren't browsing the web enough and doing searches for that to be the majority of their possible ad exposure.

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CaptainN- Member since:

Second roadblock. Desktop ads still have to support older versions of IE - this means no HTML5 (at least until IE9 is the new dominant standard - in 8 years).

HTML5 is truly magnificent, and I can wait to start using it. By the time we can ditch legacy IE compatibility, Flash will have newer features that we've all come to rely on (if Adobe keeps innovating - and I have to be honest, Adobe has slowed that horse, compared with how fast Macromedia used to roll out new useful features), and HTML5 will be behind again.

Hopefully Adobe knows the value of Flash is less the player, and more the production tools - I make things in Flash because it's faster, easier, and cheaper. With an HTML5 publish target, I'd be happy to continue using their tools - and frankly, HTML5 has no tools support right now (except arguably Dreamweaver, which is actually an HTML4 tool, and it also put out by Adobe).

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google_ninja Member since:

For now, at least.

Thats the thing, it is a space that is growing exponentially right now. Mobile video platforms are probably right up there with selling virtual goods in social games as business models that are pretty much guaranteed to get you funding at the moment.

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nt_jerkface Member since:

5. Watch other carriers offer Flash without any problems

I really don't like Flash but I also know it isn't going anywhere. By the time HTML5 has widespread support Flash will be far better than it is today.

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