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Apple Today, Apple held a special press event at its campus in Cupertino during which it revealed and demonstrated the new features that are going into the fourth version of the iPhone operating system. The company focussed on 7 'tentpole' features, the most prominent of which is... Multitasking.
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RE[3]: Wait, what?
by macUser on Thu 8th Apr 2010 19:14 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wait, what?"
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" Apple focused on the user experience, knowing that faux multi-tasking will serve the vast majority’s needs without any draw backs. Real geeks don’t matter to Apple, that much should be apparent already.

"without any drawbacks"? i do not know you to be an apple apologist or a fanboy walking the partly line.

"real geeks" these days seem to be people who want features apple doesnt provide in their current iteration of their products.

and what will you way when they provide "real" multitasking in the future"? let me guess, the definition of "real geeks" will be redifined to sync up with apple tune again ..

Maybe when you see the fuel cell version of the iPhone/iPad/iTouch you'll see full third party multitasking. Until Apple decides that battery life is a non-issue, (however that conclusion is arrived at) you won't be seeing it.

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