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Gentoo I've been wanting to try Gentoo for some time, but always had to roll my eyes at the pages and pages of installation instructions. This time, however, I rolled up my sleeves and buckled down. Minutes later, I was on my way.
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Great review...
by on Sat 8th Oct 2005 06:04 UTC

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What a review. One of the poorest article I read here on osnews.

The author just doesn't know how to read documentation, and use words like 'crap'. What is a 'crap' when it's your fault not using what is provided?

Not all systems work on the initial install? Well Gentoo is a distro that does not install as much at first, giving you control to what goes in your system. And if you read documentation or use forum and you will find specific package you need.

It's really disappointing author points out like 'unmerge app' was not in Gentoo command... This is sort of waste of time to read such prejudice view of one person.

And what is wrong with 'emerge kde'? Unless he didn't want a complete KDE, which it sounded like what he wanted, should just use separate packages. Just using 'emerge -s string' will give you a list of packages with 'string' contained. What's the big deal?

Gentoo takes time, because it needs to compile and that is the strong point of it. If you don't like it, there's plenty other distro to go by. It's really once again sad that his Slackware makes KDE installed within 40 minutes saying Gentoo took 3 days... It's because you are on your first Gentoo use and the big difference in compile and pre compiled binary install is very obvious. What a joke.

From my point of view, Gentoo also 'just works' and if you use documentation and forum.

I had a feeling using UNIX nowadays require you to use documentation, google, forum, irc, whatever is possible with your effort to get it running, because it's targetted for advanced users and it is complex. If you are very reluctant finding documentation, use distro that doesn't require you to do so much or Windows seriously.

'countless other Gentoo "optimizations."' Wow there...
Where did you read you have to tweak million settings to make you feel good? I just put my own USE flag and just a line of optimization nothing more.

'I just couldn't stand to learn Gentoo when what I want is to use Linux. '

The only Gentoo specific environment you should learn is the install softwares including use of USE flags, of course same goes to any distro, how to update system, yet again same goes to any distro. And maybe you should know how to add services that start on boot and stop/start services. For others, like software configuration, they are all dependent on the software's configuration. So I don't know where this author had the impression he was all up against Gentoo not on Unix. I'd have that impression if I was using more GUI centered distro.

This review was way out of point with lack of effort. If you don't like Gentoo, good, but don't bring your comment(review) in the public because without doing the right work. It's like a programmer on his first day whining programming sucks because it's hard.

So... I wonder why this got in OSNews...

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