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Games I think we need to start a digital rights category or something (the next version of OSNews will have it, for sure), because we have yet another article about this subject. After Sony removed the Other OS feature from the PlayStation 3, a European PlayStation 3 owner successfully secured a partial refund from Amazon under the European Sale of Goods Act. Sony has now retaliated, stating it is not going to reimburse retailers.
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RE: Comment by Kroc
by miles on Sat 17th Apr 2010 10:41 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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Good thing I never bought a PS3 in the first place, what with you know—

1. The Sony rootkit fiasco
2. An unbelievable arrogant attitude "people will buy it regardless of what price it is"
3. Delaying the PS3 an entire year just to lock down AACS
5. Removing PS2 compatibility and then about-facing on promises to provide software compatibility

1. The Sony rootkit "fiasco" is one division of Sony only, SCE has nothing to do with it. The fact Sony is encompassing so many markets makes it easy to nitpick any problem somewhere and use it to debase the other divisions, but so with Microsoft, yet I see no troll trying to debase the XBox 360 with any of Microsoft shady dealings with other companies and/or consumers (and there's a lot to hate, it's just irrelevant when talking about their games division). There's actually far more to hate with MS games division (delivery faulty hardware, then trying so badly to cover their two main failures - RROD and the dumb economy of not using protective pads o protect disc scratching; buying exclusives instead of Nintendo's and Sony mostly in-house dev for their own exclusives).

Not being a Windows user, I've never had a problem with their music CDs. Basically, the rootkit fiasco should have also been a wake-up call for Windows users, yet they only point the fault to SME...

2. They made a very bad design decision (go with the Cell only) then had to add an Nvidia chip at the last minute when the Cell didn't deliver what they expected. Basically, that plus the economy downturn and the awfull high value the yen got gave them a really expensive product on their hands, and no way (=cash) to correct it for a few years. The rest was just damage control. Yes, it had to sound like "people will buy it regardless of what price it is", because they didn't have any way to drop the price, and stressing the value you got was the only thing they could do. A SCE executive was interviewed a while ago by a specialised site (before the drop to 299$), and basically admitted that they had been frantically working on dropping the production costs as soon as possible, because the price they had to set was far from what they'd have wanted. They're not dumb, they know what is too expensive, but you can't say that in a big audience venue and not see your stock going south (which they really couldn't afford).

Had they been Microsoft (first XBox); Nintendo (Gamecube) or Sega (Sega X32, Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast) they'd have abandoned their consumers after a few years of not-stellar hardware sales, releasing a PS4 early.

They didn't.

They continued to support the PS3 against all, and kept adding features (Firmware, PSN) and value to the consoles of the first-time adopters.

That alone warrants far more respect than for Nintendo or Microsoft, and that's actually the main value of a console (you fork the money once, and you trust the hardware maker will provide you years of great games and features. Microsoft and Nintendo showed they care only as long as it's profitable enough for them, they'll drop you as soon as their return isn't as good as expected.

Basically, if I'm investing on the next generation, I know which one is a good choice, and which ones are a huge bet.

3. No, it's not "just to lock down AACS". Whatever the spin you add to a story, you don't redesign your whole hw to add a graphic chip in just one month.

4. True. If the PS3 allowed anybody to burn their own games for free like the XBox 360 or the Wii (or the PS2 in its time), nobody would try to debase it. It doesn't yet, and thus you'll find all kind of people trying to justify their hating the PS3 without having to admit what's the real deal breaker. Thus the completely dumb and ages-old complaint about the CD rootkit, since it's the closest possible to their real problem with the PS3 ("I can't get free games like I should!).

5. They didn't remove it from the ones that were sold with it. And when they did announce it, there was plenty of PS3 on the shelves that people really valuing it could have bought. It comes at a cost, and if you paid that cost you still have PS2 compatibility.

Not to add that not offering the PS2 backward compatibility on cheaper models isn't because they don't want to -it's for costs. They'd have been perfectly happy to sell you the PS2 games through the PSN (like they do with the PS1 classics).

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