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Bugs & Viruses A version of the McAfee antivirus software used in the corporate and public sectors misidentified the svchost.exe file in Windows XP systems as malware, sending the affected machines into a loop of restarts. Only users of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise on Windows XP service pack 3 were affected, but the fallout was pretty severe, with hospital and police systems among those taken down.
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Comment by ballmerlikesgoogle
by ballmerlikesgoogle on Sat 24th Apr 2010 03:38 UTC
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Thank God we ditched McAfee 3 years ago, I would be pulling my hair out right about now with every user in my corp banging down my door.

I am stuck using Windows at work, for us to change to another platform such as Linux or Mac is not an option due to our software vendors. Fortunately I have one AV vendor defending my desktops and servers, and 3 other AV vendors sitting in the UTM on the perimeter, very rare we ever get anything through.

There will always be false positives in AV, but how McAfee slipped up on this one I can't even begin to imagine.

Who ever was doing the QA on that DAT needs to be shown the door, maybe he can hang the bum who worked for Apple who left the Iphone prototype in the bar because he got a little too blitzed. (They can both be scrubbing Steve Jobs's porcelin IGod....)

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False positive is nothing new. Symantec AV crashed thousands of PC in China in year 2007 with blue screen of death.

Symantec also cause hundreds of PC in my company to crash with blue screen in year 2008 when one of its live update virus definition is corrupted.

Symantec and McAfee outsource their programming to cheap labour in India. When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. If you expect quality, look elsewhere ;)

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