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Legal Well, this is unexpected. The iPhone 4G saga just got a whole lot crazier - dare I say it, a whole lot more ridiculous. Have you ever reported anything like a phone or something similarly small stolen to the police? What was their reaction? Did you ever get the device back? Did they send an army of officers to get your device back? No? Odd. They raided Jason Chen's house, and took four computers and two servers. Update: And thus our true colours reveal. "The raid that San Mateo area cops conducted last week on the house of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen came at the behest of a special multi-agency task force that was commissioned to work with the computer industry to tackle high-tech crimes. And Apple Inc. sits on the task force's steering committee." Update II: According to TechCrunch, the investigation has been put on hold while the DA ponders Gizmodo's shield defence. Update III: Some legal insight from a constitutional law and first amendment expert and a law professor. The gist? The DA has said no one has been charged with anything here, making this just an investigation - however, this makes the search and seizing of material worse. "If the police are literally just gathering information, with no suspect targeted yet, then a subpoena against a journalist would have probably been smarter than a search warranted that resulted in the front door of Chen's home being bashed in."
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RE: Just a raid?
by Phloptical on Mon 26th Apr 2010 23:37 UTC in reply to "Just a raid?"
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and 007 style tactics are for Apple. Apple: Think different

I believe the analogy you're looking for is "Gestapo".....just sayin'.

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RE[2]: Just a raid?
by toast88 on Tue 27th Apr 2010 00:28 in reply to "RE: Just a raid?"
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I believe the analogy you're looking for is "Gestapo".....just sayin'.

Jeeez, not another person who dropped very early in history class. If you had any idea what the "Gestapo" really was you would not make any of these stupid, moronic Nazi comparisons which trivialize the cruelties of the Nazis and disparage their victims. Nazi comparisons are NOT appropriate within this context, not even remotely, so please refrain from doing that!


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RE[3]: Just a raid?
by Morgan on Tue 27th Apr 2010 00:47 in reply to "RE[2]: Just a raid?"
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I'm genuinely curious: What comparison would you make? Myself, I'd choose CIA or KGB, except this is happening within the borders of the US where neither agency is (or was, in KGB's case) allowed to take action. NSA, perhaps, or Men in Black? "Thought Police" comes to mind too, though this isn't really thoughtcrime. Wait, I know; he mentioned a hit man, how about the Mafia?

Unfortunately, there is really no better comparison than Fascism, and the Fascist regime that stands out most prominently in our minds today is Nazi Germany.

Though I must say I'm sick of hearing the word "Gestapo" thrown around so much myself.

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RE[3]: Just a raid?
by abcxyz on Tue 27th Apr 2010 01:57 in reply to "RE[2]: Just a raid?"
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Nazi parallels are generally abused for political purposes and grossly off (like the one about Germany in 30's and need for Iraqi invasion+occupation). Nonetheless, it is good when citizens are sensitive to changes in society. Since you have done your due diligence in your history classes, you are well aware how did Nazis (or many other totalitarian systems) get to power.

Often in a democracy (perhaps more fragile, because of threats from believe or real... or shaken economy) and by legal democratic means, pretty much never by saying: We will torture people, we will run a huge scale genocide, we will have your children fight and die in a war and you left home cower for your lives... Their way to the atrocities went through several stages during which many though to themselves... this really is a good idea: We're building our nation, we're keeping our enemies at distance and there is law and order in my home town.

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RE[3]: Just a raid?
by Phloptical on Tue 27th Apr 2010 22:05 in reply to "RE[2]: Just a raid?"
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Actually, I received high marks in history....but thanks for asking.

Yes, I do know what the actual term "gestapo" meant, and stood for. I'm not a f'ing imbecile. And although no one was sent to "the ovens" I would dare say that this search and seizure bit is shady. The ends do not justify the means. This isn't a laptop from los alamos laboratories that was stolen, or a breach of a hack of the CIA's a f**king nothing prototype of a cell phone.

So, ok, maybe there shouldn't have been money exchanged (allegedly), and yes you can possibly deem it "stolen" (allegedly); but the judge agrees to a warrant that confiscates everything that even resembles a computer/cell phone so forensics agents can sift through it for months on end? All for an "investigation"? A bit harsh, don't you think?

Who was it that said fascism is when the corporations run the government? You really think our new world order of today is really that far off?

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RE[2]: Just a raid?
by oinet on Tue 27th Apr 2010 17:23 in reply to "RE: Just a raid?"
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"and 007 style tactics are for Apple. Apple: Think different

I believe the analogy you're looking for is "Gestapo".....just sayin'.

Gestapo is dead and buried, IRL Mr Bond is not....just reminding.

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