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Apple Well, this is interesting, and, I must say, rather surprising: the New York Post is reporting that the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are looking into launching an antitrust probe into Apple's policies. You'd expect this to be about iTunes, but that's just the thing: it's about the Adobe-Apple spat. Update: Since I'm not familiar with the entire US media landscape, I was unaware the New York Post is considered less than reputable. Still, Reuters has confirmed the Post's report, so maybe it's true after all.
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NYP article is link bait...
by marsofearth on Tue 4th May 2010 05:19 UTC
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This New York Post article is link bait...

Reporting that some bureaucrats are "Thinking" about whether they should investigate. And not even that far, more like, "Hey should we get John over at the DoJ to look at this or Phil at the Federal Trade Com. to have a look?"

Wow! The real story here is that there are bureaucrats thinking.


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The NYP has never been known for its editorial standards, and I'm a little disappointed that such an article was put on the main page. Linking to the NYP for news is like linking to The Sun.

But hey, in this day and age, the infotainment biz is always a step ahead of serious journalism.

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You do have to have to realise that me being Dutch and all, I'm not familiar with the standings of US media. Apart from the big names (WSJ, NYT, etc.), it's impossible for me to know who's reputable and who's not.

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