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BeOS & Derivatives Two news items about alternative operating system news in a row? What is this, Christmas? In any case, the Haiku project, the darling of OSNews (hey it's okay now), has released its second alpha release. This new stable development release contains some serious improvements over the first alpha.
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Has there been any active software development in BeOS or Haiku in the last few years or is everything still from back in the late 90's when the plug was

Well if you are a developer there is good news. The Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) supports Haiku (and about 18 other platforms), and the Lazarus IDE works under Haiku too. So developing new modern software would not be a problem at all. FPC can rival any compiler and language out there with features and speed.

I am even considering creating a Haiku backend for my fpGUI Toolkit project. I must be honest, this was the first time I looked at Haiku, but so far I like it a lot, and will definitely spend some more time getting to know the OS better.

Kudos to the Haiku developers!

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