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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless When Apple sued HTC, and targeted Android specifically (news which came out of the blue), many people, including myself, were convinced this was Apple letting the world know they were afraid of Android's rising popularity. This notion was laughed away by many an Apple fan, but it turns out that this is most likely far closer to reality than many dare to admit: in the first quarter of 2010, Android conquered the number two market share spot from the iPhone in the US - and by a wide margin too. Update: Added a graph which better shows the trend.
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Comment by darkcoder
by darkcoder on Wed 12th May 2010 01:58 UTC
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For the guy that mention Windows sales over Apple as an example, hey you made a bad one. Windows was not the best offering during the whole reign of the eighties and nighties. There where better solutions like OS/2, Geoworks, Amigas. Microsoft used a lot of tecniques in their history, including incredible amount of marketing, unfair competition practices that end killing many of those systems, especially those that run on PC clone hardware.

Two MS examples I personaly was involved:
(1) The university I studied made an aggrement with MS for some site software licenses, and end up with a "Can only use Microsoft software" clause. They cannot even install Linux/BSD servers.
(2) A marketing company I used to work made an agremment to get the Microsoft account. What they said... "You can get our account if you aggre to use only Microsoft software in all your offices, and servers. The only exception is Graphic Artist, that can use Macs."

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