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Benchmarks Now that Google has opened up VP8, the big question is obviously how it'll hold up to H264. Of course, VP8 already wins by default because it's open source and royalty free, but that doesn't mean we should neglect the quality issue. Jan Ozer from has put up an article comparing the two codecs, and concludes that the differences are negligible - in fact, only in some high-motion videos did H264 win out. As always, this is just one comparison and most certainly anything but conclusive. Update: Another comparison. I can't spot the difference, but then again, I'm no expert.
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of trees and rocks...
by JrezIN on Sun 23rd May 2010 13:58 UTC
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It's hard to compare h264 to vp8... because it's like comparing trees to rocks... Each technology has it's strengths, but in the end, they're both depended of encoders and decoders, the first ones are pretty strait forward to compare, but h264 has mature encoders and vp8 doesn't have many yet (but will, due the interest to WebM/OpenSource)... also, h264 is a pretty big standard, it has profiles to mobile devices, to pcs, to media boxes and bluray players, but also for authoring, also pretty much decoded equality, but requiring more processing. VP8 is more of a deliver to costumer codec, it doesn't have as many options, and also, much of the work done by profile levels in h264 is done in VP8 by the decoder, in post-processing (so, mobile clients may use less intensive post-processing when more powerful clients can use more intensive post-processing.), actually, it's heavy dependent on this post-processing process. the end, one should read this articles as a preliminary view of codecs differences, and one should probably prefer articles offering more information about the tests, the encoder as the renderer than simple screenshots at this time. This still very very early to really see each technologies's strengths.

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