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Intel One name was conspicuously absent from the list of companies backing Google's WebM project and the VP8 codec. Despite other chip makers and designers being on the list, like AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, and Qualcomm, Intel didn't make an appearance. Yesterday, the company made its first careful commitment to the WebM project.
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RE: Theora gone but not forgotten
by dragSidious on Fri 28th May 2010 15:38 UTC in reply to "Theora gone but not forgotten"
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I'm surprised that even with the Theora drama going on for months and month you completely fail to understand the point of anything being discussed.

The point is that we need a open codec for the web that anybody can use for anything.

You don't pay royalties for JPEG, do you? Do you pay royalties for PNG or HTML text? Were you around when people tried to get royalties for GIF?!

No, of course, nobody pays for image formats or text formats anymore. The system could not work if all of a sudden when you used more then 300 images larger then 1024x768 all of a sudden you had to pay 100,000 dollars to the 'JPEG-LA' group or risked getting sued for patent infringement.

Theora/Vorbis/Ogg was the best that was available and now Vp8 is around and is better so now people want Vp8/Vorbis/WebM to be acceptable on the web.

If you tried to understand the issues you would not be surprised at all by the turn of events. In fact you could of predicted everything that has happened with great accuracy.

People will keep supporting Theora because it's been around and that gives something to fall back to if Vp8 hit the skids.

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