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Google Fragmentation. You'll often hear people say this is a major problem with Google's Android platform; there are many devices running multiple different versions of the mobile operating system, leading to fragmentation. Dan Morrill, Android's open source and compatibility program manager, addresses this issue in a blog post, and details what Google is doing to fight it. The gist: it's a non-issue - according to Google, that is.
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It's definitey an issue
by WorknMan on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 06:12 UTC
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I have a Droid Incredible; I tried several of the desktop brightness widgets, but none of them worked. I am told this is because of the SenseUI on the Incredible. I've also read that the LED 'flashlight' apps that were designed for the Droid don't work on the Incredible either. Same for some of the apps that are supposed to disable/change the lock screen.

When I got the Incredible, I knew it would take longer to get updates, but had no idea that some of the apps on the marketplace wouldn't work on my phone.

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RE: It's definitey an issue
by Karitku on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 06:48 in reply to "It's definitey an issue"
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Sounds like my life with Windows Mobile. Okey they had even bigger problem with much wider range of screen sizes. But it still sucks since not all programs work. Hell even Apple is having problems since they are starting to cut out features on older phones. I think Google people are living in some fantasy world where they think that just by saying OEMs to update OS they would do it. King for a day, fool for a livetime.

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