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Linux Employees of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have ported Sun's/Oracle's ZFS natively to Linux. Linux already had a ZFS port in userspace via FUSE, since license incompatibilities between the CDDL and GPL prevent ZFS from becoming part of the Linux kernel. This project solves the licensing issue by distributing ZFS as a separate kernel module users will have to download and build for themselves.
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RE: ZFS for Linux definitive good
by Fri13 on Tue 8th Jun 2010 19:12 UTC in reply to "ZFS for Linux definitive good"
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The SunOS is not going to have a last version in OpenSolaris. It will definetly continue in Solaris. Oracle has no reasons to kill SunOS, even then if they want to stop OpenSolaris.

And Linux OS can not be relicensed, even if wanted. It is on GLPv2 and stays as such because there is just too many copyright owners for it to get them all accept the licesen change. That is one great thing what is keeping Linux not having GPLv3 even if Linus would wanted the OS have it. GNU need to have their own OS, the HURD to be the only GPLv3 licensed OS if wanted.

Think about it if Linux has over 50 000 copyright owners code in it. To change Linux OS license from GPLv2 to GPLv2 or later / GPLv3 (or later), it would need so massive job to get all 50 000 copyright owners to accept that change. And if there is very critical code what is only accepted to be in GPLv2, the code should be rewritten from scratch without using the old code at all, even as example.

Linux OS stays under GPLv2 and only way to get ZFS as native filesystem to it is to get it as module or use FUSE. The module is not problem because GPLv2 allows Linux OS being expanded with binary only modules. That is something what GPLv3 would not allow. And because Linux is modular, even it is a monolithic operating system, it is possible to do. Just like 3rd parties are doing it, like Nvidia.

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