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Windows Yes, the day is finally drawing closer: the day Windows XP died. October 22, 2010 will be the final and definitive day for the venerable operating system, since OEMs will no longer be able to pre-load it on netbooks after that day. I might not make myself popular around here with this, but thank god, it's about time that pile of junk is taken behind the shed.
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what a bs article ...
by Hans Otten on Sat 12th Jun 2010 10:52 UTC
Hans Otten
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Everything has its pros and cons.
XP has served us well a lot of us for a very long time. And served us well enough since XP SP2. Stable, an enormous choice of applications and devices.
Yea, it has its shortcomings, like all software. Security could be better,
Most of its design decisions were made for hardware more than 10 years ago. A time when linux was very immature ....
So its dated. Yea, lets move on to newer things. Put XP in a museum, next to DOS 6,2, Windows 98SE and do not compare it to the latest and greatest.

This article is so biased and crappy argumented, religious of nature, a waste of my time. An article unworthy of you Thom.

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