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General Development Shlomi Fish has written a new essay titled "When C is the Best? (Tool for the Job)". Its theme is giving several reasons (besides high speed and low memory consumption) why some code should still be written in C.
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:: I agree with you that the Freecell Solver coverage is a weak point of the essay.

Very weak indeed, first you go talking about portability... and the first thing one finds when downloading the source is autoconf... you dismiss you own point.

And then, autoconf is not enough... for instance it does not build out of the tarball on MacOS. Very simple to fix but still weakens even more the portability argument. Why does not it build? Simple enough, while claiming that C code is portable because there exists the ANSI C spec... you go and do:

# include <malloc.h>

Which is not part of ANSI C. Dear sir, malloc's() prototype is part of <stdlib.h>.

Not only that but all you header files are guarded by macros that start with a double underscore... but all such identifiers are reserved and should not be used by programs (see section 7.1.3 of the spec.) Another portability problem since those identifiers belong to the compiler, not to you.

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