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Privacy, Security, Encryption I've bored the readers of my personal website to death with two rather prosaic articles debating the Linux security model, in direct relation to Windows and associated claims of wondrous infections and lacks thereof. However, I haven't yet discussed even a single program that you can use on your Linux machine to gauge your security. For my inaugural article for OSNews, I'll leave the conceptual stuff behind, and focus on specific vectors of security, within the world of reason and moderation that I've created and show you how you can bolster a healthy strategy with some tactical polish, namely software.
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RE: insecurity
by Soulbender on Mon 21st Jun 2010 15:07 UTC in reply to "insecurity"
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Firewall won't save you from anything by itself

Yes, I agree. I really don't see much point in packet filters on workstations. Either you want to run a certain daemon and then it needs open ports or you don't and you just don't run it. If daemons are running with listening ports that shouldn't either you screwed up or your distro is fundamentally broken.

Except clamav because thats crap on both.

I'd have to disagree, in my experience it's quite capable at mail scanning. Sure beats most the Windows junk AV's.

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