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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I recently got to spend some time with MeeGo, an Intel-sponsored Linux distribution designed for netbooks and other mobile devices (such as Nokia's extra-geeky N900 smartphone). I tested MeeGo on a Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook and I was extremely impressed.
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How will these two fit together? Maemo has traditionally been GTK but the Nokia-Qt combinations with the recently derived KDE4 netbook version has me wondering...anyone else?

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Not sure if I get your question. Do you ask whether KDE's future tablet GUI can be used under MeeGo? Do you ask if it'll be possible to run KDE apps within MeeGo? Or the other way around: MeeGo apps under KDE Plasma Tablet?

To try to answer all possible questions somewhat:
MeeGo is a rather typical X11-based Linux distribution. Just as with any typical Linux distro GUIs can easily be switched. Therefore Plasma Tablet running under MeeGo will be possible (just as current Plasma Netbook already runs under MeeGo 1.0).

KDE apps should also run fine under MeeGo and the other way around. Likely a bit of tweaking will be required. For example it could be that MeeGo apps under Plasma Tablet don't use the selected KDE theme. This is obviously pure guessing by me, because nobody outside the MeeGo dev team ever saw MeeGo Handset/Tablet Qt apps.
That said, companies like Kollab Systems make a living out of commercializing KDE software, esp. Kontact / KDE PIM.
The Kontact apps are currently being ported to handset Linux platforms (N900,...) with upcoming MeeGo Handset devices in mind. The new GUIs will fit into MeeGo's GUI, because for the foreseeable future that'll be the main target group of Kollab.
The newly written Kontact Handset GUI library can be used by other KDE apps as well.

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Forgive my lack of clarification.

You nailed the answer to my question right on the head. How will the two interact? Will MeeGo and KDE4 based distros be able to compete? Merge together? With Nokia involved in both projects (one directly and the other indirectly but with a relatively tight relationship)where are the two platforms going to go?

I personally like the idea of being to put either on any device I buy, be it IT or Netbook just because I like to play. I also like the idea of different combinatiosn of features from one on the other.

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