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Opera Software Opera 10.60 has been released July 1 for Mac OS X and is available for download. The features highlighted on the changelogs page are: layout engine (codename 'Presto'), HTML5 with support for offline web applications, WebM, which has been available in Opera (in a special build) on the very day of the announcement at the Google I/O conference, web workers for running scripts in the background without impeding the browsing experience, and geolocation. Version 10.60 is also available for Windows and Linux/BSD.
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RE: 10.6 Gripes
by vodoomoth on Fri 2nd Jul 2010 14:43 UTC in reply to "10.6 Gripes"
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I can't confirm this one here. Drag and drop from the address bar to bookmark folders, either expanded or collapsed, works fine.

Maybe it was still fine in 10.10 but in the 10.54 Mac version that I'm using, dragging a favicon from the address bar to a folder in the bookmarks panel will highlight the folder but releasing the mouse button will drop the bookmark at the same level as the folder (the folder and the dropped bookmark will be brothers so to speak). With the folder expanded, one has the possibility to use the horizontal line as a guide indicating where the bookmark will be dropped.

"Absolutely NO reloading of any kind when using the back and forward buttons.

This seems dependent on the website. Some will flip backwards and forwards as fast as I can perform the mouse gesture, on others (including OS news) it insists on reloading content.
Yes, that's what the help page ( says but set the history navigation mode option to 3 (fast mode), set your progress bar to pop up at the bottom of the page and simulate back and forward from and to a comment posting page on and you'll see the browser fetch URLs. Why does it have to fetch anything when 1 second before the page was active? I have no user javascript and the cache is enabled so what's going on?

I've just tried it with the wifi connection disabled and the previous page failed to load! That's the most stupid thing in my experience with Opera.

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RE[2]: 10.6 Gripes
by Stratoukos on Sat 3rd Jul 2010 11:15 in reply to "RE: 10.6 Gripes"
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About the history thing, when Cache-Control is set to 'no-store' in the HTTP header sent by the server the browser shouldn't cache the page. This seems sensible, until you realize that php sets it this way every for every page that uses 'session_start()' (pretty much every page). Browsers could just ignore Cache-Control, but this would break more sites than it would fix.

I imagine that browsers cache the page and when the back button is pressed they check with the server. If the page has changed, the browser downloads it. Otherwise it displays the cached page. That's why, although you see a loading bar, the page is typically loaded much faster.

Dragging a favicon from the address bar inside a folder on the bookmarks panel works fine in 10.60 on OS X.

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