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Apple A Forbes article notices that while the iPad's reception from the public and the mainstream press has been overwhelmingly positive, the prevailing sentiment among some alpha geeks has been negative to the extreme. The conclusion, of course, is that these people aren't reacting to what the iPad is, but rather what it represents: a violation of the ethos of the personal computer. The author of the Forbes article concludes that much of the anti-iPad vitriol is hyperbole, and doesn't help advance the cause. It's a thought-provoking question.
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this geek says
by Googol on Sat 10th Jul 2010 15:21 UTC
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I hate it because it is appauling useless for 830 USD.

In the media, it has been hailed for being great for watching videos. They say, it makes sense Apple's prefered image for advertising it for that purpose is while sitting on the couch, legs up on the coffee table.

Now, bad manners aside, this is retarded. So I - or you - sit in the lounge, on the couch. With an iPad. Watching a movie. Wow, how retarded. Guess what is opposite everyone's couch, even every iPad users' couch? Yes, that's right: a big TV-set / flat screen, whatevva. And one of the main selling points is how great a device it is for watching videos. No, it's not.

It is the same BS as with a Zen Vision or similar device for video. They are cool for what they are, a geek toy, a novelty item, etc. Yes, I watched a few vids on a portable media player, and yes, it is "cool". "Cool" as in this was unthinkable 10 years ago, and cool as in I have one and my mates don't. But the truth is, videos are best watched on a big TV, not a retarded little 9" device for 830 !!!! USD. And geeks are called that for a reason - they know technology. And the iPad's novelty factor is wearing of like 1-2-3. Now, the same goes for it's browing cababilities. If I am at home, I use a PC. Btw, the iPad can never be a substitute for anything - see, you don't even get your media loaded onto it without a PC.. omg.

So, is the ipad utter rubbish? Yes and no. It is ok to have a useless device for 150 USD, just for geeky fun. If you paid 830, don't tell anyone, because it's rediculous.

PS It doesn't play flash for 830 USD, and never will.

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RE: this geek says
by vivainio on Sat 10th Jul 2010 18:11 in reply to "this geek says"
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I hate it because it is appauling useless for 830 USD.

Do you hate Rolex watches too? First class airline tickets? Bottled water?

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RE[2]: this geek says
by deathshadow on Sat 10th Jul 2010 21:36 in reply to "RE: this geek says"
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Do you hate Rolex watches too? First class airline tickets? Bottled water?

I would think it depends -- Apple's products on the whole are like taking a $20 timex, slapping a rolex type-band on it, slapping the rolex labels on it and selling it at Rolex prices; It's like the only thing making a ticket be first class being it's at the front of the plane and not have any of the ACTUAL luxuries; It's like if bottled water at a restaurant where ten minutes ago a guy was filling the bottle in the back alley with a garden hose.

Because that describes most Apple products... You're paying for the label slapped on it and not what the product actually is. Hence the joke "I'll buy anything if it's shiny and has a Apple logo on it."

Again, Kool Aid, RDF, etc.

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RE[2]: this geek says
by Googol on Sun 11th Jul 2010 12:54 in reply to "RE: this geek says"
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Well,obviously, Apple buyers suffer from a lack of sound judgement.

You know, if you buy a Rolex, it is not a comodity item. A Rolex you buy this year for 3K USD will not be substituted next year by the successor model that will rubbish the value of the one you bought. There are even Rolex ONLY second hand shops, where you can find a model from every year back to the friggin 60s which look like new + work like new, etc.

First class tickets: There clearly is an extra value in there - try flying 1st class for +10 hours, surely you won't suffer from thrombosis there.

And bottled water - you saved the silly bit for the great finale ;) Dude, sure I buy bottled water, but I don't pay 15 USD for a bottle, after all, it is only plain water. -- Which is the most fitting comparison for the iPad.

Here's a better one for you: I pay 30-50 USD for a GOOD bottle of wine, because it is not the same as the shite they sell you at 4 USD a bottle.

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